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Don't Waste Bunny Poop! ;)

We all know that rabbits poop A LOT! While we may not be thrilled about all their little poop balls, we can take advantage of them! If you have house or out door plants, you can start thinking of bunny poop in a different way. Fertilizer! The really awesome thing is that they can go straight from bunny butt to plants or garden, without worrying about it burning your plants! I save just about all bunny poop! I will throw some in my house plants, in the soil of my out door plants, and into my compost to use later. When I prepare my soil in the spring, I mix in LOTS of my bunny poop compost. My vegetables LOVE it! Also, you can give it or sell it to other gardeners! So next time you are cleaning up those little nuggets, look at your cute bun(s) and then think about how sweet they are to contribute to our beautiful plants. ;)

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