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Available Buns

On this page, you may find rabbits of different ages. Sometimes I have bunnies that I let grow out before deciding if they will be the right fit for my rabbitry. Other times I need to sell older rabbits to make more room. I will put a description and price under each rabbit that is available. I breed both Vienna and non-Vienna bunnies. If the rabbit is Vienna, or a possible carrier, I will put VM or VC in the description

If there are currently no bunnies on this page, please go to my Facebook page, Small Town Lops. I often post pictures of my upcoming available kits there. You may also contact me to inquire about upcoming available bunnies.

Please check out my blog page for information on purchasing a Holland Lop from Small Town Lops and the things you will need before you bring your pet bunny home.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not consider adopting a bunny from me if it will be stuck in a cage outside with no socialization or play time! If you find that a bunny is not the right fit for you, please find it a good home, or bring it back to me. I will not be able to refund you, but the bunny will be taken care of. These bunnies are not capable of surviving on their own, so please bring it back to me instead of releasing it outdoors! If I do not have room, I will help you find a new home.

If you are under eighteen, please talk to your parents and have them contact me.

When you inquire about a bunny, please be prepared to answer questions such as: Why do you want the bunny? Have you had bunnies before? Where will you keep bunny? Do you have children? How old are your children? If you should find that a bunny is not not the pet for you, do you agree to find it a good home? If you cannot find a good home, do you agree to bring it back to me realizing that I cannot give refunds? These questions are to help me know if a certain bunny is the right fit for you, and how much information I need to give you on bunny care. I want you and bunny to be happy with your adoption, with no regrets.

REMEMBER: If you are under 18 years old, please talk to your parents and have one of them contact me.​​

If you would like to see the parents of our babies, please go to the "Our Bucks" and "Our Doe

All my rabbits are pedigreed unless otherwise stated in the description.​​​​

PLEASE read my blogs about How To Adopt a Bunny from Small Town Lops and  Bunny Needs.  Do research on having a pet rabbit before you make your decision on whether a rabbit is the right pet for you or your family. ​​

On my Facebook page, Small Town Lops, you can see more pictures, and that is another way to contact me.

Available Buns: Welcome

All Bunnies have been adopted. We will have more available babies at the end of December.

Available Buns: Available Pets
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