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Bunny Needs

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

1. Cage or Hutch:

*Should be tall enough for bunny to stand on hind feet and roomy enough for bunny to move around comfortably.

*if it has a wire bottom, please provide mats or something that will protect and be comfortable on their feet.

*If you choose a wooden cage, make sure the wood has not been treated with any chemicals that may harm your bunny. Bunnies are natural chewers, and will gnaw or chew on the wood.

*A dropping pan is a good feature to have. It makes clean-up easier and is more hygienic.

2. Rabbit Run or Play Pen:

*Rabbits need to run, hop, jump, explore, and play. Giving your pet bunny ample room on a daily basis to get physical and mental stimulation is required for a happy, thriving bunny. Please make sure play area is safe.

3. Hay/Pellet Feeder and Waterer:

*These can be in the form of bowls and bottles. I prefer something that attaches to cage or hutch, so that it does not get spilled and as dirty.

4. Timothy Hay:

*In addition to fresh water daily, rabbits need Hay 24/7

5. Pellets:

*Bunnies need pellets daily. My buns are currently on Purina Complete. If you plan on using a different type, let me know and I will give you a baggie of transition feed.

6. Litter Box and Litter:

*Rabbits can be litter trained. Some better than others. The bunnies from me will be use to litter boxes. That does not mean they will be trained, but that they have been started on the process.

*Some people use just hay or shredded paper for litter' I prefer to use litter made for bunnies (or horses), with hay on top. The bunny litter absorbs the urine. Do not use cat litter!

7. Something for Chewing and Playing:

*Rabbit's teeth never stop growing! They need something safe to chew on in order to keep their teeth from over growing. Something as simple as an untreated block of wood, apple and willow tree twigs to more extravagant chew toys that you can purchase on amazon or at pet stores.

*My bunnies LOVE boxes and tubes! They like to jump on them, run through them, and even sleep in them! Toilet paper rolls are also an inexpensive toy for rabbits.

8. Baby Gas Drops:

* Rabbits are prey animals and can stress easily. A big change, like moving to a new home, can be quite stressful at first. Sometimes when bunnies get stressed, they get soft mushy poop. Baby gas drops have been shown to help with that.

9. Love and Attention: The more time you spend with your bunny, the better pet he/she will become.

10. No Baths! Baths or getting bunny wet, can cause death! You can wipe bunny with baby/pet wipes or a damp cloth.

I will add and edit more to this blog as needed. Post any questions you have in the comments, and I will do my best to answer satisfactorily

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