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How do I Purchase a Bunny From Small Town Lops?

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Step #1: Inquire

I will do my best to keep the availability status of a bunny up-to-date. I may receive many inquiries about a particular bunny at once, especially just after he/she is posted. If you are interested in a rabbit, inquire immediately. I will work with people in the order that I receive a serious inquiry.

Step #2: Buy or Pass

If you are the first inquirer and you have received all the information from me that you need, please let me know whether you are going to buy or pass. If you decide to pass, I can let the next inquirer know that they can proceed.

Step #3: Price

Individual bunnies are sold at the posted prices. I may offer a discount for multiple purchases. With very popular rabbits, I will most likely stick with asking price.

Step #4: Deposit

A 50% Deposit is required to hold a rabbit. Please do not send your deposit until I have answered all your questions satisfactorily, and we have established a day and time for you to pick up your rabbit.

If you are serious about buying, I will not sell to someone else while we are in the middle of settling details. I will mark the rabbit as "on hold" after I receive your deposit.

Time, space and costs of maintaining rabbits is always an issue in a busy rabbitry. If you want me to hold a bunny for a week or two past their availability, then I will need to charge $10 per week boarding fee.

Non-Refundable Deposits:

Deposits are non-refundable if you change your mind about wanting a rabbit or do not pick up the rabbit as agreed.

Deposit Refunds:

I will refund your deposit if, when you examine the rabbit in person, it is not as pictured.

I will also refund a deposit in full if I cancel the sale for any reason. I reserve the right to cancel a sale for any reason.

Rescheduling Pick-up:

I will reschedule pick-up once within reason. Space and costs of maintaining rabbits is always an issue in a busy rabbitry. Please make every effort to honor our original agreement. I am aware that there are certain circumstances, such as illnesses, deaths in the family, etc., that are beyond anyone's control.

Step #5: Final Payment:

Final payment is due when you pick up your bunny.

If your rabbit dies from "natural" causes within the first week, I will refund you.

If, for any reason, you decide that the rabbit is not for you, PLEASE try to find a suitable home for it. If you cannot find another home, please bring it back to Small Town Lops. If I do not have the space, I will help you find it a new home. I cannot give refunds.


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